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Would you like to open a bank account? Do you need a bank loan? Would you like to know the rates for transfering money? This unit gives you some special words and phrases that you need to understand and be ready to use.



n. the difference between credit and debit in a bank account

Bank charges

n. money paid to a bank for the bank’s services


n. local office or bureau of a bank

Checkbook (AmE)

n. book containing detachable checks; chequebook (BrE)

Check (AmE)

n. written order to a bank to pay the stated sum from one’s account; cheque (BrE)


n. money in a bank account; sum added to a bank account; money lent by a bank – also v.

Credit Card

card authorising the purchasing of goods on credit

Current account

n. bank account from which money may be drawn at any time; checking account (AmE)


n. a sum deducted from a bank account, as for a cheque – also v.

Deposit account

n. bank account on which interest is paid; savings account (AmE)

Fill in (BrE)

v. to add written information to a document to make it complete; to fill out (AmE)


n. money paid for the use of money lent – interest rate n.


n. money lent by a bank etc and that must be repaid with interest – also v.


n. deficit in a bank account caused by withdrawing more money than is paid in

Pay in

v. to deposit or put money in to a bank account


n. person to whom money is paid

Paying-in slip

n. small document recording money that you pay in to a bank account

Standing order

n. an instruction to a bank to make regular payments


a record of transactions in a bank account


v. to take money out of a bank account – withdrawal n.





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