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Though many English learners have a basic knowledge grammar and vocabulary, they often lack self confidence in their speaking and writing abilities. Therefore, the purpose of this section is to give them an opportunity to improve their writing skills though voicing their opinions on debate topics covering a wide variety of issues ranging from politics, education and society.


Is Veganism a good lifestyle choice?
Protecting natural resources
Job satisfaction or a high salary?
Government job or a private job?
Owning a pet: for or against?
Are TV shows a good way to discover new talents?
Is it better to have many friends or just a few?
Is global warming a serious problem?
Playing computer games: for or against?
How to stop or reduce pollution?
Should goverments ban junk food?
Should polygamy be legalized?
Posting students' grades in public: for or against?
Violence against women
Youth Curfews: for or against?
Why learn foreign languages?
Can English open more doors than a degree?
Who should be responsible for taking care of old people?
Reality TV shows: for or against?
Should women stay at home and look after their children?
Genetic engineering: right or wrong?
Donating organs: for or against?
How should juvenile criminals be punished?
Is abortion right or wrong?
Do parents have the right to smack their children?
Watching sports events
Working alone or in a team?
Should animals be used for scientific or commercial testing?
Death penalty: for or against?
Why is English an international language?
Do mobile devices cause more harm than good?
Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?
Should students be required to wear school uniforms?
If you were to turn a favorite book into a film, which one would you choose?
What place would you like to go to on your dream holiday?
What famous person would you like to meet?
What fashion is acceptable and what isn't?
Cosmetic Surgery: for or against?
Using facial recognition technology to target advertising
Could you live without television?
Should we close the door to immigrants?
Gambling: for or against?
Cheating in School: for or against?
Euthanasia: for or against?
Children's actions and parents' responsibility: Who should do the time?

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