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Euthanasia: for or against?

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Euthanasia, also called mercy killing, refers to the act or practice of painlessly assisting a person suffering from  an incurable disease to die  so as to help him relieve pain. Because there is no specific provision for Euthanasia in many legal systems, it is usually regarded as either suicide (if performed by the patient himself) or murder (if performed by another person (e.g. doctor)).


However, in some countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Colombia,  euthanasia is legalized and there have been various government policies that have implemented in support of this practice.


So what do you think? Are you for or against Euthanasia? 


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  • Comment Link Abdellah 2016 Friday, 12 August 2016 12:25 posted by Abdellah 2016

    No religion would allow a person to kill somebody who is very sick. Killing someone is commiting a crime. If there is somebody who can end a person's lifeis Allah (God) who is the giver and taker of this life. I hope you all agree!

  • Comment Link Wassila. Sunday, 23 October 2011 12:26 posted by Wassila.

    Well, I think if a person is suffering from a disease scientifically proven to be incurable and causes that person a lot of pain, euthanasia can be a good solution.

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