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Cheating in School: for or against?

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Every educational institution has a cheating policy, and the punishment can be pretty harsh, starting with a Zero on the test, and going all the way up to getting kicked out of school. Despite all these risks, many students still cheat for a better grade.


Is cheating acceptable in school or is it wrong?


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  • Comment Link Emily Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:15 posted by Emily

    I am against cheating if somebody has studied so hard for a test and another person copies them it does not really affect the person who studied they are likely to get an A+ but the person who cheated shall be affected in lot's of ways such as sense of achievement when the cheater get his/her test back it wont feel as good as accoplishing the score he/she wanted without cheating and attention of the teacher or Guardian will be somewhere else because the teacher will think that this child knows everything I do not really need to help her!!

  • Comment Link Sangoku Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:14 posted by Sangoku

    No opinion —

    In my school cheating is a normal thing to do, that almost everyone does. All students know that cheating is wrong but they just don’t care, because all what they want to do is to succeed. I think that the teachers don't have to be blamed on this because this is something that is not in the hands to control. This means that students will continue cheating no matter what teachers do.

  • Comment Link Pushpendra singh Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:14 posted by Pushpendra singh

    cheating is essential —
    YES , I say it is good to cheat rather than not to do anything and just sit dumb during the whole exam. everyone are cheating to just get good grades in exam if there is a different education system where students emphasise more on knowledge rather than geeting good marks then yes there will be no cheating, so i say yes in today's time it is good to do

  • Comment Link Bobbye Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:12 posted by Bobbye

    Though many people see cheating as something that is morally wrong, a lot of good can come out of it, There are a ctually a lot students who benefit from it. Does cheating harm students who do not make use of it? i don't think so. Then if something does not bring about harm and brings about benefit, why should we consider it as something wrong?

  • Comment Link Hildred Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:12 posted by Hildred

    Do you think it is fair that students who cheat have the same marks or even score higher than studious and hard working students? is it fair to reward reward lazy students and punish students who work hard? What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong?

  • Comment Link rajae Wednesday, 24 May 2017 21:11 posted by rajae

    Cheating is a bad way to get high grades,because the most important thing at school is to learn new information and if a person doesn't like a subject or they find it difficult they have to work hard, because that is the best way to succeed.

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