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Should we close the door to immigrants?

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Some people in countries that receive a lot of immigrants believe that  stricter immigration policies are needed. How far should a country go to protect its identity and  culture? How open should a society be to people from other countries?


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  • Comment Link European Monday, 28 August 2017 01:58 posted by European

    Just have a look at what happened in some European cities like Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Brussels and you will find the answer. Who are the persons behind all these bombings or crashes? Are they europeans? of course no. They are all immigrants or the sons of immingarnts. so I am for closing doors to immigrants

  • Comment Link Audry Tuesday, 17 May 2016 17:15 posted by Audry

    I think that opening the door to foreign people will certainly have a negative impact on the hosting country and on its citizens. This would cause a lot of problems: joblessness, crimes, a loss of one's identity,etc. Strict regulations should be applied.

  • Comment Link Derick Wednesday, 12 August 2015 17:17 posted by Derick

    People say that money is the mother of all evil. But I do say that immigration is the mother of all evil. Today, immigration is the source of all problems we have in the world. When people move the countryside to the city or from an underdeveloped country to a developing or a developed country, they have a dream; they want a better life. When they are quite sure that this dream won't come true, they can’t go back. So they turn into criminals, trouble makers or even terrorists. For all these reasons, and as a normal citizen who would like to live in peace in his own country, I would say NO to immigrants and NO to immigration.

  • Comment Link Helaine Thursday, 18 April 2013 16:18 posted by Helaine

    Whar's happening now around the world clearly justifies that we have to close the door to immigrants. People in countries such as Syria and Lybia are now invading the whole continent. if the doors of Europe are now closed to these people, the problems they have in their countries will be transfered to ours. For those who think that these these people should be let in, I would say you are WRONG.

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