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Do mobile devices cause more harm than good?

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Do you think the overuse of mobile phones and other digital devices is a problem that needs to be addressed, or are they simply an efficient way to communicate and stay connected? 


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  • Comment Link Ng Saturday, 03 September 2016 22:15 posted by Ng

    It is a problem that needs to be addressed —

    If you're used to hanging out with your friends in a cafe or some places for that matter, then try to take a quick look around you when you get there. Of all those customers that are with their friends in a cafe around you, could you notice how many individuals are really having a face-to-face communications with their fellow friends?

    Perhaps, while waiting for dinner at home at the dining table along with your family members, do you really noticed on how frequent you're having a face-to-face contact with them? Or is it the fact that you're too busy drowning yourself into your mobile phone that you don't even have a split second to be actively engaging in a casual discussion with your fellow family members?

    These are the ''symptoms'' that needs to be accentuated due to overused of mobile phones and any electronic gadgets. Unfortunately, many people are taking lightly of this issue.

  • Comment Link Moroccan Sunday, 24 July 2016 22:14 posted by Moroccan

    Of Course they cause harm

    Mobile devices and electronic devices in general do certainly have a lot of advantages and nobody cannot deny that their use or overuse has no drawbacks. However, no one is really prepared to discuss the drawbacks.

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