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Working alone or in a team?

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Some people enjoy working alone. Others would rather work in a team. What do you prefer, working individually or as part of a group? Explain why.




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  • Comment Link Kumar Tuesday, 27 December 2016 20:51 posted by Kumar

    Yes for teamwork but ....
    A lot of people today consider teamworking is an important thing. No body would say this is wrong. but from my experince in projects either at school or in college, you cannot rely on every member to do his work well. if a group of students (let's say 5) agree to work on a project, the students who are going to do the real work is just two or three. the rest of the students do not care and do nothing. you have no power to exclude from the group. All you have to do is to finish the work. To sum up, I would prefer to work in a team but every person must do his work. if not I would prefer to do the work alone

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