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Genetic engineering: right or wrong?

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Thanks to the rapid development of science, genetic engineering makes promises of a world free of genetic diseases. In the future, parents may be able to design their babies. They might, for instance, be able to choose their children’s eye and hair color, height and intelligence. However, despite the all these potential advantages, the vast majority of people believe that genetic engineering is morally wrong.



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1 comment

  • Comment Link Yan Thursday, 26 September 2013 18:12 posted by Yan

    Genetic engineering is the mother of all evil. People now try to interfere in everything. They try to modify plants, vegeteables, fruits and even beings, that is animals and human beings. These modifications in nature cause a disorder and result in the emergence of many problems and diseases that are difficult to cure. Have you ever asked yourself why diseases increase in number and difficulty. Many of you may consider genetic engineering as a science that has a lot of advantages: having beautiful children with nice hair and blue eyes. But do you have information about what will happen to these children in the future? nobody knows what will happen but there will ceratinly be serious repercussions on them. One piece of advice, nature has to be natural. so leave nature as it is .

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