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Should women stay at home and look after their children?

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Even though women have earned admiration and respect in different domains in today's society, many people still believe that a woman’s place is at home. The woman’s role is to do the housework and raise the children. The man’s place is outdoors, working to support the family.


Should women go back home?


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  • Comment Link MAN. Monday, 02 May 2016 18:54 posted by MAN.

    Men and women are physically different but they have the same rights. And we accept the idea the idea that women should go home we go back in history. People who think that women must stay home have to change their mindsets and instead of making such proposals why they dont stay home themselves.

  • Comment Link Fouados Tuesday, 12 April 2016 15:43 posted by Fouados

    I am quite sure that if women go back home, many problerms are going to be solved in the society. Children well be well educated. this means that will not drop out of school or take drugs. Moreover, the rate of joblessness will decrease. Many men are now unemployed simply because women are taking their jobs.

  • Comment Link Experienced woman Tuesday, 21 July 2015 18:20 posted by Experienced woman

    Just one piece of advice for all women who work outside and think of staying home. please don't do it! of course take care of your kids but don't give up your job. Women and men are equal. We all have the same rights and no know has the right to oblige any other one to stay home. A working woman is financially independent and as such can guarantee a secured life for herself and for her children. if you decide to stay home, think of what may happen in case you get divorced.

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