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Reality TV shows: for or against?

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Over the past few decades, Reality Television has been growing in popularity with shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, Fear Factor, Survivor and Star Academy. Reality television programs are of different types, but all have one thing in common - they make ordinary people famous, if only for a few days.


Why are these TV shows so popular? Some people say that they watch these programs just to be part of the "in" crowd. Others think that only dull people watch these TV shows. However, psychologists say that reality television viewers are not less intelligent than non-viewers. They also found out that people who watch reality television were more competitive than people who don't watch it.


Do you watch reality TV shows? What do you think of these programs? Would you like to be a contestant on a reality TV show? Why / Why not?


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  • Comment Link James Sunday, 02 January 2011 06:18 posted by James

    Just because the people on screen are not actors does not mean that they are not acting. Even if these reality tv candidates are are just amateurs, they are actors who are following the instructions of the directors of the shows. so there is no reality in these shows.

  • Comment Link Tomster Thursday, 22 July 2010 14:17 posted by Tomster

    Reality TV shows are entretaining programmes that everybody enjoys to watch. This is why they draw a large number of viewers. when you are watching a reality TV show, you are viewing real people performing different activities. You see how the participants behave in different situations. when you are watching reality TV, you aren't watchning a movie. you are watching real people in real life situations.

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