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Who should be responsible for taking care of old people?

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Taking care of old people is a growing problem that the society faces nowadays. Given this fact, there have been several debates on who should provide care for elderly people.


Some people think that it's the government’s responsibility to provide optimum care to our older people. As such, the aged should spend the rest of their life comfortably in care homes. Others believe that the family members or close relatives should have the greatest responsibility for looking after their old folks?


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  • Comment Link Yacine. Monday, 18 April 2016 19:04 posted by Yacine.

    If every family have responsibility to their parents may be we can decrease this proplem.

  • Comment Link Humane person Monday, 18 July 2011 14:01 posted by Humane person

    What we have noticed is that underdeveloped and developing countries are more humane than developed countries. In western countries, once the grand father or mother or even the parents are very old and need somebody to take care of them, they are abandoned. They are either abandoned once for all or sent to specific homes for the old. In both situations I see that the link between the children and their parents is broken.

    However, in underdeveloped countries, there is a good relationship between all family members. Different generations of the same family live together in one single house. Old parents are often taken care of not only by their children but also by their grand children.

    The question that needs to be addressed here then is who is developed and who is underdeveloped?

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