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Youth Curfews: for or against?

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Youth curfews are widely used in many countries (e.g USA and Britain) to keep teenagers off the street at night. A state of curfew makes it illegal to be out of doors between certain publicized times.


Today, youth crime is now a major and growing problem in a lot countries, often involving both drugs and violence. Particularly worrying is the rise of youth gangs who can terrorize both urban and rural areas and create a social climate in which criminality becomes a norm. Imposing youth curfews can, therefore, help to solve these problems, as they keep young people off the street, and therefore out of trouble, and prevent them from congregating in the hours of darkness.


However, some people argue that curfews are not an effective solution to the problem of youth crime. Youth curfews infringe upon individual rights and liberties. Moreover, imposing curfews reverses the presumption of innocence by assuming all young people are potential law-breakers.


Should young people be subjected to night-time curfews as a way to reduce crime?  If you are against youth curfews, what solution would you propose to reduce crimes?


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  • Comment Link Nasrin Akter Tuesday, 05 July 2016 20:54 posted by Nasrin Akter

    Curfew yes but not for all

    it is not fair to impose a curfew on any pesron under sixteen or eighteen. What if a teenager wants to hang out with his friends after dark, or go to a party? In my opinion, curfews should be given to young people convicted of certain crimes, but are not imposed on all young people.

  • Comment Link NNicky Tuesday, 05 July 2016 20:53 posted by NNicky

    I think that there are more effecient and more effective ways to reduce crime or violence. you can jail criminals, force them to do community work or punish in other different ways. What all this means is that curfews especially for or against teenagers will not solve the problem. It's unfair to oblige somebody to be indoors before a specfic time while allow others to be outdoors after that time. This is against the human rights.

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