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Playing computer games: for or against?

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Young people play computer or video games now more than ever. Some people say that computer games can be bad for children's development.

What do you think? Does playing computer or video games have advantages and disadvantages? if so, what are they? Do you think parents should restrict the amount of time their children play on games on the computer or television?


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  • Comment Link Parisien Monday, 12 December 2016 17:15 posted by Parisien

    Video games keep people sitting in front of the TV and inactive. Video games keep people inside. They are generally passive activities, and can eat your free time up very quickly. Many video games are violent, and may lead to abnormal behavior. They are also quite repetitive, where the gamer does a similar task over and over again, trying to improve upon the last time they did it. This does not let the brain think about new and interesting things. Using video games for entertainment often leads the gamer to addiction, where they sacrifice their free time in order to play more video games.

  • Comment Link Pinka Saturday, 04 June 2016 18:01 posted by Pinka

    Video or computer games are a great way to relax after school or work. They are good for people who feel tired or exhausted after a long day at work or at school. It is very mportant that people take the time to relax and have fun in this way. Playing video games or comuter games makes people happier and more productive when they do work.

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