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- This part has ten photographs

- You will hear four simple sentences that refer to each photograph.

- You have to choose the best sentence that describes it.

- About 66% of the photographs involve a person or people.

- About 33% of the photographs involve an object or a scene. (No people)

- The sentences usually deal with the most important part of the picture.


Questions to think about while you preview the photograph               

Photographs with a person or people:

- What are the people doing?

- Where are they?

- Who are they?  (What they are wearing or where they are?)

- What is different about them?  (Glasses, moustache, paper…)

- How do they look?  (Happy, sad, tired…)


Photographs with an object:

- What is it?

- What is it made of?

- What – if anything – is it doing?

- Where is it?


Photographs with a scene:

- Where is it?

- What is in the foreground? (In front of the picture)

- What is in the background? (In the back of the picture)

- What – if anything – is happening?


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