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Zero Conditional

if + Present Simple + Present Simple

The Zero Conditional is used to express a situation which is always true. If means when or whenever.  

  • If I read too much, I get a headache.
  • If I you drop an egg, it breaks.
  • If you boil water, it evaporates.


Conditional Type I

if + Present Simple, will + infinitive without to

The First Conditional is used to express  real or very probable situations in the present or future.  

  • If we work hard, we will finish the project on time.
  • If  she wins the next match, she will be the world champion.
  • What will you do if  you don’t have enough money?


Conditional Type II  

if + Past Simple + would + infinitive without to 

The Second Conditional is used to express unreal or improbable situations. We use past tense forms to show ‘unreality’ and distance from  the present 

  • If I were Prime Minister, I would  decrease income tax.
  • What would you do if you saw a ghost?
  • If I were you, I would give up that job.


Conditional Type III 

if + Past Perfect + would + have + Past Participle 

The Third Conditional is used to express imaginary situations which are contrary to facts in the past. It is also used to express regrets or criticism. 

  • If I had been more careful, I wouldn’t have made such a mistake.
  • If he had asked me, I would have said ‘yes’.
  • If the boss had been present, he  would have sent you out.





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