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Language of Meetings
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Here is a list of some of the most common phrasal verbs used in meetings. Each phrasal verb includes an explanation and example sentence.


Phrasal Verb Explanation Notes Example Sentence
to hold on To wait a short time Hold on a second! That is completely irrelevant.
To look into something Investigate Maria, could you look into that possibility for us?
to be off not valid anymore I'm afraid the deal is off with Brian.
to call off to cancel He had to call off his appointment with Tom because he was ill.
to put off to postpone an appointment Can we put that meeting off until next week?
To wrap something up To finish, used for meetings, presentations, etc. That wraps things up, so thanks for coming everyone.
To come up To appear That point is coming up in a moment.
To go ahead To proceed The construction of the bridge must go ahead.  We’ll lose the client if we don’t complete it on time.
To go through To review Let’s just go over the decisions that have been made in this meeting.


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