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Oral Presentations
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The success of an oral presentation does not depend only on the quality of information that is to be presented but also and, more importantly, on the speaker’s ability and skills to transmit that information to the audience. The objective of this unit is give the top tips that will enable you to deliver effective and successful oral presentations


1. Be prepared. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will feel 

2. Do not try to cover too much material. Keep the time limit in mind

3. Be organized. Organize the presentation to flow from one section to another

4. Practice your presentation with a friend or colleague or in front of a mirror. If possible record yourself and then watch or listen to the presentation

5. While delivering your presentation, smile and be enthusiastic. If you look bored, why shouldn’t the audience be bored too?

6. Speak clearly, slowly and at an appropriate level to the audience

7. Use short, simple sentences to express your ideas clearly

8. Use vocabulary that is appropriate for your audience. If you use new vocabulary, make sure you explain it and write it on the board

9. Maintain eye contact with all members of the audience

10. Use body language to emphasize your points

11. Pause from time to time especially after each idea. This allows the listener to understand your ideas


12. Use relevant and supportive audio-visual aids in your presentation

13. Present complex information as a clear diagram or chart

14. Allow the audience to ask questions at the end of your presentation

15. Remember to thank the audience at the end of the presentation





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