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Idiomatic Expressions
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Clothing Idioms




Example Sentence

at the drop of a hat

without needing any advance notice

My Grandma will babysit for anyone at the drop of a hat.

(have a) bee in one's bonnet

something that is annoying someone

Milan has had a bee in his bonnet all day, but he won't tell me what's wrong.

below the belt

beyond what is fair or socially acceptable

His comment about Manfred's handicap was below the belt.

bursting at the seams

not fitting anymore

I ate too much. I'm bursting at the seams in these jeans.

caught with one's pants down


My students caught me with my pants down on Monday. I forgot about the field trip.

(have a) card up one's sleeve

have a secret or reserve plan

I think Josh has a card up his sleeve cause he wants me to wear a dress to the fast-food restaurant.

buckle down

work extra hard

It's almost exam time, so I need to buckle down this weekend.

burn a hole in one's pocket

money that one is tempted to spend

Let's go to the mall after school. There's a hundred dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket.

dress to kill, dress to the nines

dress in nice or sexy clothes

My cousin was dressed to kill on her birthday.

fit like a glove

fit perfectly (tight to one's body)

Anita's prom dress fits me like a glove.

fine-tooth comb

in great detail, extremely carefully

The police looked for fingerprints with a fine-tooth comb.

fly by the seat of one's pants

do by instinct, not by plan

I had never taught art to kids before. I had to fly by the seat of my pants.

handle with kid gloves

treat delicately

Please handle my grandmother's tea set with kid gloves.