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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "D"



  • die down: to decrease

After midnight, the music died down next door, and I finally fell asleep.


  • dig up: to look for

The detective was unable to dig up any useful information on the suspect.


  • do in: to make tired

Two games yesterday and one more today did the soccer player in. He slept through the whole weekend.


  • do over: to redo

The assignment was so poorly organized that I had to do the entire paper over.


  • doze off: to fall asleep

The speech was so boring that almost everyone in the audience dozed off.


  • drag on: to continue endlessly

After an interesting and dynamic start, the movie dragged on uneventfully for almost two hours.


  • draw up: to prepare

Before you write a research paper, it is always a good idea to draw up an outline first.


  • dream up: to plan

Johnny dreamed up the perfect game for Celia’s birthday party to keep all guests entertained.


  • dress up: to wear formal clothing

When going to the opera, Misty loved dressing up and wearing her newest clothes.


  • drink up: to finish a drink

Drink up your milk and let’s go. We’ll be late for school.”


  • drop off: to deliver

Mom drops the kids off for hockey practice, but dad picks them up and drives them home.


  • drop in: to visit

“Why don’t you drop in on Sunday and we can go over your essay homework.”


  • drop out (of): to stop attending

He dropped out of college after the first semester since he wanted to get some work experience first.