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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "F"



  • face up to: to admit to

After failing the exam a few times, Jason had to face up to the fact that he would have to study more in order to pass.


  • fall apart (1) : to break down

My first computer fell apart after only two months of use so I had to get a laptop.


  • fall apart (2) : to suffer emotionally

After two deaths in the family, Mary fell apart and couldn’t work for awhile.


  • fall down: to fall to the ground

The toddler fell down many times while learning how to walk.


  • fall for: to be attracted to something or someone

The deal was too good to refuse, so the buyer fell for the cheap offer only to find out it was a scam.


  • fall through: to not happen

Our plan fell through when Jody didn’t show up, and we couldn’t play the game with one member missing.


  • feel up to: to feel string enough

Do you feel up to hiking that challenging trail now that it snowed all night?


  • fight off: to keep something away

I’ve been trying to fight off the flu all week, but finally I got sick.


  • figure out: to solve a problem

I have finally figured out how my new cell-phone works even though it has too many functions.


  • fill in: to complete

The easiest part of the test was filling in the blanks. (I could fill them in easily.)


  • fill in (on) : to supply information

Can you fill me in on what happened in the meeting while I was away?


  • fill in for: to substitute

Can you please fill in for me while I am away?


  • fill out: to complete a form

First, you will need to fill out an application form, and then you can take the course.


  • fill up: to fill completely

Before the road trip, we will need to fill up the tank.


  • find out: to get information

I have just found out that we have a test tomorrow.


  • fit in: to get along

When Mary moved to the new neighbourhood, she fit in right away since everybody liked gardening.


  • free up: to make something available

Can you free up some space in the closet so that I can store my winter clothes?