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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "H"



  • hand in: to submit work

When did you hand in your homework? I did not see you handing it in.


  • hand out: to distribute

After the earthquake, the Red Cross handed out blankets and food to the survivors. Who handed the water out?


  • hang around: to spend time

Teenagers often hang around malls instead of libraries these days.


  • hang up: to end a phone call

Why did you hang up the phone last night? You should not hang it up before we say goodbye.


  • have to do with: to be about something

My most recent class has to do with the behaviour of animals in isolation.


  • hike up (1): to pull up (usually clothing)

Tom hiked up his socks and ran to the playground. He hiked them up so fast I didn’t have a chance to tell him the colors didn’t match.


  • hike up (2): to suddenly raise in amount

The gas prices were hiked up once again over the weekend. Who do you think is responsible for hiking them up?


  • hold back: to restrain

If you have something to say, I want to hear it. Don’t hold it back!


  • hold down: to keep a job

Tina was never able to hold a job down for more than two months. She just lost interest and quit.


  • hold on: to wait

Can you hold on a minute? I forgot my car keys in the office.


  • hold up (1): to lift

Hold up the chart so that everyone can see it. Can you hold it up?


  • hold up (2): to delay

Because of the police incident down town, I was held up in traffic for hours. The traffic jam held me up.


  • hold up (3): to rob

When the two thieves held the cashier up, they did not realize that two police officers were shopping in the store.


  • hunt down: to find

I finally hunted the landlord down and paid the rent. He was fixing the boilers in the


  • hurry up: to do faster

If you don’t hurry up, we’ll be late for the show.


  • hush up: to become quiet

When the famous actress stepped on the stage, the audience hushed up.