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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "K"



  • keep away: to block form coming near

The bodyguards were trying to keep the paparazzi away from the famous singer, but the guards were unsuccessful.


  • keep down: to control

Keep the noise down!” shouted the angry neighbour. “It’s past midnight!”


  • keep off: to not walk on

This is a private property. Please keep off the premises.


  • keep on: to continue

Don’t give up now – you’re almost done! Keep on studying!


  • keep up (1): to persevere

Your writing has visibly improved over the last few months. Keep it up!


  • keep up (2): to prevent from going to sleep

My sister’s chatting kept me up half the night.


  • keep up (3): to stay informed

You can check the Internet daily and keep up with the current events around the globe.


  • keep up (4): to maintain a level of lifestyle

It is impossible to keep up with the Smiths. They spend too much.


  • kick out: to force to leave

The sports fans were too noisy and started a fight in the bar; therefore, the bouncers kicked them out.


  • kneel down: to go down on one’s knees

Sam usually kneels down to play with his kids.


  • knock out: to make someone unconscious

The fighter knocked his opponent out and won the match and the championship.