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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "L"




  • lay off: to dismiss from job

The company laid its workers off before it went bankrupt last year.


  • leave out: to omit

Leave me out of this. I don’t want to get involved.” replied the upset owner.


  • let down: to disappoint

The teacher had high hopes for Brian, but he let the teacher down and failed the course.


  • let up: to become less intense

It’s already May, and it is still snowing. Will it ever let up?


  • lie down: to recline

Why don’t you lie down and take a nap? It will rejuvenate you.


  • lift up: to elevate something

The parcel was so heavy that I was not able to lift it up.


  • line up: to stand in line

Thousands lined up to audition for the famous show.


  • lock in: to lock the door so that someone can’t leave

As a prank, Tim locked his brother in the bathroom, but Timmy forgot Johnny had a cell phone and called 911.


  • lock out: to lock the door so that someone can’t enter

I locked myself out of the car when I left the keys on the car seat.


  • look back on: to reflect on something

When they looked back on their many travels, they realized they always had a good time.


  • look down on: to consider inferior

The rich tycoon looked down on homeless people, so he didn’t donate any money for the charity.


  • look forward to: to anticipate pleasantly

We are really looking forward to our yoga classes.


  • look in on: to visit and check someone’s condition

Could you look in on Celia while she is in the hospital? I am worried about her.


  • look into: to investigate

The police are looking into the fraud charges laid last month. It is hard to believe all the allegations about such a reputable company.


  • look like: to resemble

“You look like your mother when she was your age!” exclaimed my uncle.


  • look out: to be careful

Because of the big age difference, Jimmy always looked out for his little brother.


  • look over: to check

Before submitting it, I’d like to look the report over once more.


  • look up (1): to find information in a source

Can you look this up in your textbook? I am not sure what you are referring to here.


  • look up (2): to visit someone

Don’t forget to look me up when you visit our town next time.


  • look up to: to respect

In many cultures, younger people look up to their elders and seek their advice.