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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "M"




  • make fun of: make jokes about

You should not make fun of anybody. It may upset them.


  • make up (1): to invent information

Bob forgot to do his homework so he made up a story. I am sure he made it up.


  • make up (2): to compensate for something not done

If you miss the test today, you can make it up next week at the same time.


  • make up (with) (3): to reconcile

Tina and Tony were arguing for two hours, but they made up with each other before they got to work.


  • make out: to understand

The letters in the ad were so small that I couldn’t make them out.


  • make for: go to or toward

First thing in the morning, before even washing, my sister makes for the coffee machine.


  • mark down (1): to reduce prices

Retailers mark their prices down on Boxing Day.


  • mark down (2): to make a note

Can you mark down the page number the teacher mentioned? I don’t have a pen on me. So can you please mark it down?


  • mark up: to increase the price for resale

Consignment stores usually mark prices up – they buy items cheaper and sell them higher.


  • measure up: to reach a standard

Ten workers did not measure up in our company; as a result, they were laid off.


  • mess up: to make something disorganized

If you use my desk, please try not to mess my books up. I have a test tomorrow.


  • mix up :to become confused

The questions on the quiz were not clear, and I could not answer them. They mixed me up.


  • move on: to progress

Once we complete chapter 3, we can move on to the next chapter. However, first, we should do the exercises.