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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "R"




  • rack up: to accumulate in number

Jimmy racked so many speeding tickets up that his license was finally suspended.


  • rip off: to cheat or charge too much

Don’t shop in that store any more! They’ll rip you off.


  • rip up: to tear something in pieces

Mary got so upset when she read the terms of the contract that she ripped it up immediately.


  • run away: to escape from guardians

More than ten teenagers from our neighbourhood ran away and started living on the streets. It is a very alarming trend.


  • run into: to meet unexpectedly

Guess who I ran into the other day? Do you remember Johnny from high school?


  • run out of: to use the last of something

I ran out of gas last night, and there were no gas stations around so I had to take a cab.


  • run over: to hit with a vehicle

In the park, drivers need to drive carefully and not run the wild life over.


  • rush in: to enter quickly

Tommy rushed in for a glass of water. He must have been very thirsty. He drank three glasses.


  • rush out: to exit quickly

After drinking the water, Tom rushed out to his friends and continued playing street hockey until dusk.