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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "S"




  • save up: to collect money for future use

Sally is only thirteen, but she has already started saving up for college. She delivers newspapers after school so she can save her earnings up.


  • sell out: to sell everything in the store

The new bestseller was so popular that it sold out in just minutes. Do you know which bookstore has not sold it out yet?


  • send back: to return something

Jerry sent the coffee back because it was not warm enough.


  • set back: to cause delay

We wanted to complete the construction early, but the weather set us back.


  • set up: to organize

I’ll need to set up a meeting for tomorrow morning. Can you assist me setting it up?


  • settle down: to start living a family life

After John and Jane got married, they settled down in a quiet neighbourhood and just had their first baby.


  • shave off: to remove hair

Marsha decided to shave her hair off for charity.


  • shoot down: to make something hit the ground

In the movie, all war planes were shot down. Who shot them down?


  • shout out: to announce

The contestants shouted out the directions to their teammates. Who shouted the rules out?


  • show off: to impress

Jack was showing off his new car, but Daisy was showing her new hairdo off.


  • show up: to appear

Why did you show up so late? You missed most of the presentation.


  • shrug off: to dismiss something

Why do you always shrug everything off? Isn’t there something that is important for you?


  • sit around: to sit and do little

During summer break, Viola was just sitting around instead of helping her grandmother with housework.


  • slip up: to make a mistake

It was supposed to be a surprise, but Monica slipped up and told Sheila about her birthday present.


  • sort out (1): to arrange by category

Can you sort these bottles out? I’d like to recycle them.


  • sort out (2): to resolve problems

I’ll let you two sort out the misunderstandings. How long do you think it’ll take you to sort them out?


  • speak up: to speak more loudly

Can you please speak up? I can’t hear you because of the noise from the traffic.


  • split up: to divide

We’ll need to split up the dessert since I forgot to buy more ice cream. Can you split it up?


  • stand in for: to take someone’s place

I’ll stand in for you tonight while you go to hockey practice.


  • stand out: to be prominent

Her performance in the show stood out, but not because she was good. She was completely unprepared.


  • stand up (1): to rise

In several countries, the students stand up when the teacher enters the classroom.


  • stand up (2): to make a date but not keep it

Kelly had the worst possible experience on her wedding day. Rick, her fiancé, stood Kelly up and married Kelly’s best friend two months later.

  • stay in: to not go out

We stayed in and studied all weekend. Anyway, it was raining.


  • stay out: to not return home on time

Since Julia is still a minor, she should not stay out past 10pm on weeknights.


  • stop by: to visit briefly

You could stop by for coffee before you go home tonight. I’ll need to discuss something with you.