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Phrasal Verbs
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Phrasal Verbs beginning with the letter "W"



  • wait on: to serve

She doesn’t like to wait on overly demanding customers.


  • wait for: to wait until something is finished

I’ll wait for you for 15 more minutes and then I’ll leave.


  • wake up (1): to stop sleeping

I woke up late this morning so I had to take a cab to work.


  • wake up (2): to rouse someone

Can you wake me up at 6 tomorrow morning? I’ll need to study for the test.


  • walk out: to leave as a sign of protest

“Why do you think the workers walked out the construction site yesterday morning?” “I think they are concerned about safety.”


  • watch out for: to be careful

Watch out for the dog! It is not on a leash and it might bite you.


  • wear down: to cause to be weak

These long traffic jams are really wearing me down. I’ll start walking or cycling to work.


  • wear off: to no longer affect

The painkillers started to wear off, and I still have a toothache. I’ll need to see the dentist tomorrow.


  • wear out: to cause to be very tired

These long walks are wearing Ashley out. She will start going to the gym instead of walking for exercise.


  • wipe off: to clean

Could you please wipe the counter off? I spilled the orange juice.


  • work out (1): to exercise

When do you usually work out? I prefer to swim early in the morning because I find it energizing.


  • work out (2): to solve a problem

Kathie and Craig had many problems, but they eventually worked everything out.


  • wrap up: to finish something

We will soon wrap the meeting up. Would you like to have lunch later?


  • write up: to report

I have finished my research. Now I’ll just have to write it up.